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Activities to Stay Warm

So I don’t know about you but I HATE the cold, and in the last 3 weeks we have had 3 snow days because this winter is hitting us hard! I think I was meant to live somewhere in the world where I could celebrate winter on the beach in sandals and a bathing suit - yet here I am living the Canadian life! With this being said, once this weather hits I really only go outside when needed. Aves enjoys it, and when she’s at school through the week she spends lots of time outside every day. She almost knows that if she wants to head out on the weekends and it’s cold to ask her dad and he’s a trooper! This being said, our Friday’s home I have to get creative for November - March. These are our top faves when we get stir crazy…
  1.  Play Date - plan a day with friends, whether it be a girlfriend with her little or a daycare friend! Alternate times at each others houses so that it allows the kids to play with new toys and get out of the house.
  2. Indoor Playground - we are super lucky that we have quite a few around us but honestly for $3-8 you can pack up a lunch/snack and spend the day in there. Aves usually makes a friend and they follow each other around and she is getting to the age where I don’t have to stalk her through every tube and slide, I can sit back and watch her play which is really neat to see her interact.
  3. Indigo - okay so this is like my best kept secret but most Indigo stores have a children’s section and if you’re lucky yours has a Starbucks and “the train.” A large tracked train that is in the middle of the kids section that they can go nuts with while you enjoy a Starbucks! It’s also a great opportunity to have Avery pick out a book she likes and we can read it together before nap time or bed time.
  4. Swimming - so we usually frequent our local YMCA through the winter. They have “open swims” almost everyday that you can drop in for under $5. It’s a great energy burner plus, I believe that learning to swim is such a good skill to have!
  5. Movies - so this one I haven’t yet tried, I’ve been tempted but I’ve been waiting for the perfect age and I think we’re there. Through the week, most cineplex theatres have a “Stars & Strollers” day where they play a kid friendly movie and it doesn’t matter if you have a crier, chatter or a bouncing toddler because everyone is in the same boat! I’m going to do one of these soon so maybe I’ll do a post about how it went!
Needles to say, if you are like me and don’t love getting out to play and your little one already gets lots of outdoor time there are options to stay active, get out and stay warm!

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