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Canadian Skincare Brand You Need to know —| Metrin Skincare

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Let’s get real and talk skincare for a minute. There are so many options out there and I know first hand how overwhelming it can be as I am no stranger to the bad skin game. For me personally, I went through an intense allergy at the age of 18 that severely impacted my skin. It had me turn to intense medication and in turn left scarring and pigmentation that still bothers me to this day. It’s safe to say that I’ve tried my fair share of products out there, but nothing ever actually made a big impact and each time I would switch I would go through the dreaded “give it a few weeks for your skin to react and then settle … or not.” Insert Metrin Skincare Here! I was gifted their 5 step skincare system which was so simple. No dreaded isles of products where you could spend hours just trying to find 2 products that are actually safe and beneficial for your skin - they have it down to a science! Trust me, they’ve been around the block as they’ve been perfecting it since 1932. I also loved that it was made in Canada as so many different options are made elsewhere with different rules, ingredients and regulations.

So let me break it down for you:
Step 1 - Cleanse
It’s super lightweight and basically odourless. It goes on smooth and doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight or tingly, just a nice wash to get rid of everything you need to get rid of.
Step 2 - Exfoliate
It has changed my look on exfoliants! I used to think you needed a good grit to really get the skin recharged but this lathering exfoliant is amazing, it gives that deep clean feel while being gentle on your skin which in the long run keeps that soft, smooth skin.
Step 3 - Hydrate
Packed with vitamins A, C, D, and E this moisturizer does all the soothing and calming with none of the clogging. I must say, I probably have never used a moisturizer that I haven’t felt like clogs more than moisturize as there are typical filler ingredients that you don’t need - this does the trick of hydrating but no breakouts!
Step 4 - Protect
Probably in my opinion one of my favourite steps as I am chasing a toddler who is constantly touching my face or I am picking up things around the house and then naturally touching my face. This step protects from bacteria while allowing the moisturizer to do its job!
Step 5 - Nourish
Think of this like the cherry on top! It allows all 4 steps prior to do their job while calming your skin and stimulation circulation so those little wrinkles can stay away!


Now, if you’re thinking “wow 5 steps - I don’t have time for that” let me tell you this… I am a mom, who in the morning has about 4 minutes to get myself looking sane while packing bags, dressing a toddler, feeding myself and a toddler and getting out the door on time and I HAVE TIME! It only really takes a minute or two and trust me, you deserve it! On nights when I can take advantage of my “me time” which is typically once Aves is in bed and I can relax and hear my own thoughts - I do their next level system treatment! It’s known as their “AP System” and it’s a night time treatment that you can leave on while you sleep and a rinse for the morning. It helps remove dead skin cells, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, minimize visible pores, and even-out skin texture. I am sold! If you don’t believe me that this works, take a peak below at my “before and after” and it’s not often that I bare it all but for you I will! If you’re interested in doing your own skincare consult with the Metrin experts visit




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