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So if you've been keeping up with my journey the last couple months then you know we have been having some night time struggles with Avery's sleep. A nightly battle to get into bed, nightly wakings and early morning wake-ups. On several occasions of seeking advice and ideas everything and everyone seemed to lead me towards a "kids clock." After some further research, I decided to give the Gro Companies "Gro Clock" a try.

When heading out and purchasing it, I had a moment of "oh my gosh, $60 for a clock for a toddler" but the more I walked around with it in my hand I came to the conclusion that a one time $60 purchase for a good nights sleep and a simple bedtime is worth every last penny.

Once we got the clock home, I sat down and explained to Avery that when it's time for bed the clock will be blue and the stars will come out, and once it's morning and time to get up (a time which YOU get to set) the clock will turn yellow and the sun will come out - she really showed some excitement. I had her be very hands on with the setup process, she got to pick where in her room she wanted it to sit and we made her room nice and dark so that we made sure she could see it clearly. This was the first bedtime in a LONG time that I saw her excited to get into bed. That night at bedtime she acknowledged that the screen was blue so that it was time for bed and I walked her through that if she woke up in the night and she was okay and the screen was still blue, that meant it was still night time so to close her eyes and go back to bed. Night #1 was by far my favourite night, as she woke up around 1am and all we heard from the monitor was "oh no Dodo (her bedtime stuffed duck) it's still blue so everyone is sleeping" AND WENT BACK TO BED! I didn't have to get up, go in - NOTHING it was magical!

Now I can't say that every night in the last two weeks has gone this well but I can say that I have seen a HUGE improvement. I went from having to go in there at least once a night, every night to going in once a night maybe twice a week. The bedtime can still be an on/off struggle as some days she's just overtired and cranky and other days she has too much energy for bedtime, however she still does check for the blue stars every night. Mornings have also gotten a lot better! She still has mornings where she wakes up before the sun (which I set for 7:10am) but if I go in before she yells out "it's yellow!" then she actually gets quite upset with ME for not waiting! I do still have her in a crib so I don't know if this would change if she was in a bed, but I plan to transfer her in February so time will tell!

I have had a good experience so far, plus it has a "nap wake up" feature - not just morning wake up which is great if you still are blessed with naps! You can also control the brightness of the screen for how dim or bright you want it, but for us it is a clock and nightlight all in one. It is easy to use, and can become just a regular clock with an alarm feature for future years so the $60 doesn't feel so crazy anymore. My only dislike would be that it has a few extra steps to setting the time(s) compared to a regular clock and it needs to stay plugged in, so plug it in and set it up in the spot you want to keep it!

All in all, I would recommend the clock - it has made an impact and improvement for our family.  If you are wanting to try it, I would say go for it!


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