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Ladies Gift Guide

Okay, so I don't know about you but I always find the ladies in my life the most difficult to buy more. I feel like the guys typically have 5 items on a list and you can easily just pick one, order it, wrap and they're happy! With Black Friday and all the deals that come with it right around the corner, I am sharing my gift guide for the ladies in your life!

1. MAC Creme Cup Lipsick - a classic shade of the perfect nude

2. Toddler Mug - for days when you are on your 4th cup of coffee

3. Girl Wash Your Face - a great & very relatable read

4. Olaplex Hair Treatment - give yourself a hair makeover at home

5. Holiday Sweater - this cozy sweater is the perfect essential for the holiday season

6. Frank Coffee Body Scrub - you will never feel as soft and refreshed as after you "Frank"

7. "On Cloud Wine" Stemless Glass - for when it's 5 o'clock somewhere

8. Vinylux Weekly Polish - a great alternative to salon upkeep

9. Neutrogena Blue Light Mask - a 10 minute treatment for an at home facial

10. SoftMoc Winter Boots - waterproof and oh so warm

11. Pandora Glacial Beauty Sliding Bracelet - the perfect accessory all year

12. UGG Sequin Slipper - a cozy staple all year long

13. Saje Dusk to Dawn Diffuser Set - the perfect gift for those getting into essential oils

14. Victoria Secret Shine Robe - a lightweight and go to robe for around the house

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