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My Morning Routine


So other moms may be able to relate to this but honestly when morning comes and I finally put two feet back on the floor, it is go time!

A key part of my morning is the night before prep. This is when I pack Avery's bag for school, making sure there is a clean outfit, change of shoes, weather appropriate options and her water container. This gets setup on our front bench with her coat and shoes for the morning so that we are as efficient as possible.

My own alarm is set for 7am - some mornings I get 30 mins to myself (which is magical) to shower and get ready but some days she is up same time or before my alarm which puts an interesting spin on the morning. When I have the 30 mins to myself I feel like I could conquer the world - a peaceful shower, pick an outfit, blowdry & makeup all with being the only person in my bathroom! I then get her up at 7:30am, get her dressed, hair tackled, teeth brushed, grab a yogurt and her backpack and we're on our way - keep in mind she's almost 3 so it's never actually that smooth but in 30 minutes we can usually get out of the house with at least 95% of that complete.

On the mornings when she is up with me or before me, I have a partner in crime. Which sometimes means someone is in my bed watching the latest Paw Patrol while I shower etc. and other days means she doesn't want to be put down. Those days are my hair up and get out quick days.

Most days we can get out of the house by 8:00am which gets me to drop off for about 8:10am so she has breakfast with her friends and I head out for my day at the office.

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