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One of my favourite nightly rituals once I have Avery asleep and I can focus on myself again is to run a hot bath, light a candle and relax. Avery gets a nightly bath as part of her nightly routine so why can't I? Here's what I use to make it happen.

I have never been one for overbearing or "fake" scents. The strong ones usually result in a pretty good headache so it isn't worth it. I received the Saje Wellness "Cellucleanse" bath salts as a gift this year and fell in love! They do have a scent, one that I would say is pretty strong as well but you can instantly tell it is a natural essential oil, soothing smell. I don't find it to be overbearing or too much, it's actually quite relaxing. The salts create a bit of an oil feel in the water and it is meant to tighten and firm the skin.

I usually turn out the lights, spark a candle in a very neutral scent as the oils do take over and I'm not one to mix. I am currently loving the Voluspa "Nissho-Soleil" scent. Just don't get too relaxed that you forget to blow it out when you're done!

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