Taming the Curls

Growing up I always had flat, thin hair so you can imagine my joy when I first saw that Aves had curls! She clearly didn't get them from me but none the less I couldn't wait to be able to style them.
She has a bath pretty much every night unless we are out somewhere and run out of time because the stuff she can get into at pre-school always shows up in her hair. Paint, play-dough, food, dirt - you name it! I try not to use shampoo if I don’t have to as her hair is so young it doesn’t need such harsh products. I have tried some more natural shampoos but honestly find that the Aveeno has been the best. I don’t use a conditioner in the bath unless the nest is really bad as she doesn’t love to sit still long enough for me to rinse it all out. Once she’s out of the tub I use the Johnson & Johnson detangling spray on her wet, towel dried hair and that at least lets me get a brush through it. Her hair is curly but thin so it takes no time to dry - usually about 3 books worth! She’ll sleep on it as is and in the morning we wake up to crazy! This is when I take a spray bottle with just plain water and spray it down. The detangling spray from the night before is usually still able to work it’s magic so the water tames the curls and lets them go back to ringlets. Before leaving for school I typically try to put it in a bun or ponytail so that it’s out of her eyes to tackle the day but she usually takes it out before lunch - you win some, you lose some!
Now, when she comes home from school and we have to go somewhere that evening I bust back out our detangling spray to brush it out so that the curls reform!

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