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The “Big Girl” Room


So this post is long overdue but recently requested quite frequently so better late than never, right?!

We made the move to a “big girl bed!” We waited until we did for a couple of reasons…
#1. The thoughtful reason - We went away without Avery in January and didn’t want to make the move right before we did - both for my parents who were watching her and for her dealing with so many new changes at once
#2. The selfish reason - We have a very independent little girl and we were nervous that she would escape every night making it difficult on us
So, once we got home from our vacation which was about 3 weeks before her third birthday we decided it was time. We made the whole thing a family activity where we painted her room, let her pick out colours and what she wanted on the walls (the flowers were her choice!) We really involved her in the process so that the room was somewhere she really wanted to be. She helped me take down her crib and put it away all well having her quite excited for what was to come.
We chose to make the move on a weekend so that the first night or two, if we did have any trouble we were at least home with low key days. When it was time to put in the new bed, Mike took Avery to the library to play so I could finish things up and make the final reveal a surprise. She came home and ran in so excited to see her new bed and play space. The quiet play space was an area we left open so that if she felt she wasn’t tired or was done sleep then she could quietly play with her stuffed animals until her Gro Clock was yellow. If you missed the Gro clock post - click here to read about it!
Needless to say, from night one she was a superstar! All the things we had in our heads about her getting out or falling out never came true. For the first month or two she still even called for us in the morning to come in and get her (it was as if she didn’t know she could get out!) Slowly she started tip toeing into our room in the morning and snuggling in with us - which has now become my favourite! There are nights where she isn’t ready to fall asleep instantly so she’ll bring a couple stuffed animals onto her bed and play and sing or read to them and then crash all on her own.
I think it was important, at least in my case to really involve Avery in the process and show her what I was doing and explain why I was doing it. It gave her a little more understanding and allowed her to be a part of what is essentially hers! We made it into a fun space that she WANTS to be in - which is really the key!

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