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Traveling with a Toddler


Okay so some people think it's crazy to travel with a little one as it's so much work and they won't remember the trip anyways but to me it's all about living in the moment and realizing that though she may not remember the travels she is having a blast in the moment! Here are my best travel tips for travels with a toddler:


TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE EXTRA LUGGAGE - When traveling with a child over 2, you likely have to buy an extra seat for them which means that they get a piece of luggage. My best advice would be to take that piece available, use a full size suitcase and take advantage.This also means that they will get a carry on piece as well. Use this for easy, and quiet toys that don't have a million pieces or make a mess to distract on the drive, the plane or along the way.


BUY SUPPLIES THERE - Depending on where you are traveling, buy diapers & wipes there. This cuts down on the whole guessing game on how many you need as well as the room in luggage to store them - plus, what if your luggage doesn't arrive? Fill the carry on with the supplies you need to get there + 1 day to buy yourself time once you land.


TAKE STAPLE MEDICINE- Again, depending on where you are going there may not be brands you are familiar with. I always like to travel with the staples that I know work for Avery, I have given in the past and am familiar with the dosage just so you don't have to deal with new brands, language barriers or different ingredients.


HAVE A CHANGE EMERGENCY KIT READY - Especially on an airplane, I always put in my carry on a large ziploc that holds an extra full change of clothes & wipes as if you need to make a change from a spill or accident you don't want to have to juggle into an airplane bathroom with a messy toddler and pick pieces you need from a carry on to use and carry to the bathroom.


PRE PLAN SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS- If you can, try and simulate home. Whether that means a pack-n-play, crib, bed rails etc. try and keep it consistent. Many hotels, resorts etc. have these supplies handy and for rental properties such as an AirBnB there are often rental companies that can supply things for you.


DON'T STRESS OVER SCHEDULE - Try and take it one day at a time, this is where personally I struggle the most. You are away from home so their schedule will already be altered so try and make the most of your time away. When they are hungry, they will eat and when they are tired, they will sleep.


READ THE REVIEWS - If you are going somewhere that has kid sections, activities etc. then read the reviews. Likely those who have been there before will give a heads up for other parents on what they've experienced!


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