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Valentine’s Day at School

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I always find myself trying to think of something creative to send into pre-school. There is a firm policy on no “home-baked” goods (for allergy reasons and food must be individually wrapped - peanut free. There are so many cute ideas to share with the class and the best part is that they are pretty simple! See here for some simple and adorable ideas!

- Mini Cereal Boxes - “I Cerealsly Love You”
- Mini Play-Doh - “You are a Doh-Able”
- Bubbles “I am Bubbling With Joy That we are Friends”
- Squeeze Pouches “You are my Main Squeeze”
- Curly Straws “You are Ex-Straw Special”
- Glow Sticks “You Make my Heart Glow”
- Gold Fish Pack “You O-Fishally Have my Heart”
Always remember that there are options other than candy and sugar - although those are fun too! And there is nothing wrong with the traditional card valentine or hand-made cards either!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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