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Hi love, and thanks for checking this out!

This is new, and something I've been toying with for quite sometime. To be honest, the only thing ever holding me back was myself. The world of social media can be an addicting, altered and intimidating place. That being said, it can also be a place of resources, stories that make you feel a little less alone and a great space to get to know others near or far!

When I first had Avery I was pretty well the first of my friends and the first in my family with a baby since my mom had me - crazy right!? This is when I truly found how helpful this space can be. It is a community of people who may live such different lives but hold something in common. With having gone through the whole new mama thing in this day and age, I obviously had questions, concerns, wanted opinions, advice etc. And with my amazing squad of friends following closely behind on the mama train, I have always shared along the way products, advice, tips and tricks that worked for Avery and I. This is when it clicked, these things may help others out there too - so this is my outlet to share!

My highs, lows, returning to work & daily reality all in one place!

xo Amy

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